Personal Safety Awareness

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How to stay safe in a violent world

Violent crimes are still comparatively rare and account for a very small part of recorded crime, but if you were to pay attention to all the media headlines you could be forgiven for thinking that you, or someone close to you, will be the victim of a violent attack or crime.

The workshop is focused on ordinary people who want to feel in control in any potentially threatening situation and saving your company from a potential lawsuit,

You won’t be learning martial arts (that takes years), but  you will learn a few funky moves that require no special techniques and definitely no excessive strength that will definitely increase your self confidence and self belief in your own ability and to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

This workshop covers:

  • Personal safety and awareness in your daily life
  • Drug rape awareness- information on and avoidance of the alarming rise of drinks being spiked to rob or sexually assault individuals (this applies to both men and women, 11% of drug rape reports are made by men)
  • Identification of your risk situations and avoidance
  • Teaching you practical and highly effective self-defence skills, which require no strength or martial arts skills that anyone can learn and use
  • Educate yourself on the fact that you do have choices when you are faced with an attack situation
  • Build confidence in your own capabilities and self belief

You can choose two hour or half day sessions.  Whether you are male or female, adult or teenager, learning how to stay safe is as much about avoidance as anything else.

With a track record that includes personal safety/self defence training at blue chip companies and in education as well as courses for smaller businesses plus features in The London Evening Standard and various other publications you can be confident you’re in safe hands.

To find out more or book your workshop please call Garth on 01572 759308 or email

Below are a few videos of our FUN and INTERACTIVE workshop for you to enjoy, and to give yourself a “taster” of what to expect, why not download my FREE PDF eBook on the right >>

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