Corporate Workshops

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Fit for work

Three Separate Workshops To Help Your Staff Be The Best They Can Be!

(1) Confident Life Skills

(2) Become a certified NLP Practitioner

(3) Managing Workplace Stress

These three workshops will give your Management teams and staff the ability to:

  • Manage their anxiety levels
  • Reduce depression and other stress related illnesses
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase their self confidence and feelings of Well-Being
  • Help them set achievable goals
  • Improve Self-esteem
  • Remove negative thought patterns
  • Communicate more effectively

You train staff in the essential skills to enable them to work effectively – like time management, delegation, and team working skills – and, with the right support, staff become more productive and enjoy their job more. But do you train them in health, nutrition, and confidence?

Why should you bother?

When people are healthier they take less days off and deal with stress better

If people eat junk their energy levels drop – have you noticed how a stodgy meal makes you tired afterwards? How much more productive could your staff be with better nutrition?

Workshops that educate your people to work smarter, more productively and with confidence can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

The Workshop proved to be the highlight of our events day. On the basis of this we have decided to include you on our list of preferred suppliers, and will definitely be using your services again.”

Steve Spalding, Global Director, BAE Systems

When people develop confidence they’re more proactive, more creative and of more value to the organisation.

Find out more about:

Managing Workplace Stress

Confident life skills

Personal safety awareness

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